the key to VOCABULARY is THIS, THIS, THIS . . O N L Y  / O N E L Y  / O W N L Y

 how much of iron’like Grip You’ve ON your understanding of affixes ?

 everything else fall in place, thereafter .

 shakeSpiker : the one & only & the world’s most powerful Vocabulary’builder .

effectively enables YOU in Recognizing Each & Every Word – sensibly & surely .

forget about the so’called tough words – like rendezvous, serendipity etc etc

tough , because they are rarely or less used, & thus your familiarity with them isn’t established

the FUNDAMENTAL is : ask Yourself : how perfectly in command YOU are with the day’to’day words.

                                                 Take This Vocabulary TEST

                                                      eg : chick – chicken ,

                                                            youth – youthen

                                                       burd  (?) – burden

                                                      christ  (?) – christen

                                                             deep – deepen

                                                              dark – darken

                                                                like – liken

                                                            kit (?) – kitten



 If you aren’t’ sure on this, consider your Vocabulary Useless, please.

 waste no time / gear up on the  ‘ affairs with affixes ‘

& help feel  – in COMMAND  & in CONTROL 

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