There can never be an Instant Vocabulary, as many tout.

There can only be Constant Vocabulary

meaning, you must work very hard continually, Constantly

and you haven’t got any other option here .


  meanwhile,  take this Vocabulary Test

 fur = (1) a fine, soft, hairy coat/covering of the skin of many mammals .

          (2) any fur’like coating – as diseased matter on the tongue .

              –ious = forming adjectives, meaning : characterized by

NOWexplore the meaning of the WORD : FURIOUSBe shocked by the The Insensible

         furious = (1) full of fury, extremely angry, intensely rage, .

                     eg: the boss was furious at the incident.

                         (2) moving, overpowering – violently

                        eg : a furious attack by the opposition.

                          (3) intense, very great, of unrestrained energy, speed etc

                          eg : The assignment was completed furiously before time.

Logically/Sensibly – furious = meaning ought to be this = similar to, like, resembling fur . 

but you have a radically different meaning assigned. 

                                         That’s English .

                                    Where are the Rules please ?

                          and can we speak righteously of Grammar ?

bring sense to your English – made possible ONE & ONLY by the shakeSpiker .

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