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lest anyone undertake , let this be understood :  there absolutely is No/Never any subscription to any of the sentiments like religion, region, race, nation, ism's like, neither pat'riotism, nor riot'ism etc etc.
just as is with anything in this mind'numbing cosmos
impossibly beyond human intellect or imagination ),   the life & the name is but both incidental & accidental, and am not identified  ideological. 
Data Disinfected. 
Am Answered. 

This is  :  Venkatesh. V.

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my 'dear' Dad :  Dr. Rangaiah.  MS ( General Surgery ) 
   fed, fabric'd, finance'd & found - my being
   every waking moment of mine, he started living in my thoughts & tears since the time he fell seriously sick, did showed stoic sufferance, his eyes never dropped a tear.
   he being a General/Neuro/Orthopaedic Surgeon, witness to disease, debility, death from very close quarters 
   & would until my last breath 
and most certainly I would be remembering him only - during my last breath, whatever pain I may be in/with   
   'heart-wrenching' - what exactly is this  &  how it actually feels like,   am to carry this the rest of my existence.   
   he rang me at 8.30 am on Jun-01st, Sat. 2019, after a gap of a week & enquired about my Daughters & this Application & breathed 'good'bye' 'take'care' at 11.10 pm. 

my mother  :  Brunda.   

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                 t h a n k s   t o   t h e   ' H u b b l e '  s p a c e   t e l e s c o p e ,   a m    h o r r o r' e d    &    h u m b l e d.    

am, an earthian (  this inconsequential speck of life  ) living currently in this part of the planet Earth, presently being referred to as
( sentimental )                  'Hyderabad',
                                     State of Telangana,
( river Indus + english language suffix -ia  :  see 'affixes' in this appl. )
                                   ( sensible  )    17.3471° N, 78.5732° E
                                                          sentiments are silly & thus sickening : stay secluded to stay sane & serene  

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How this impacts
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          Language - is crucial & critical to one's existence.  (  not the biological existence I mean, ha ha ha  )
for the uninitiated  :   intense illuminating Notes at/in . . . . smaller DEMO icon on the WebSite.

for the sheer' clarity & quality of understanding of everything & anything around,
                                  you ought to get to grips with the same. No other way round.

                 And that isn't easy with English Language, any day.
               I am sorry to say this, but am sure, this must be said.
                                              And that's the truth.
          Truth be told  :  the shakeSpiker' has arrived,
            and brings in the promise & the perspective,
for the entire population on this planet who are burdened/bothered with English.


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           with shakeSpiker, a revolutionary Language Tool, English stands effectively decoded.
(  this decoding took me a life'time to achieve, working single-handedly, funded by my father & by myself, and in the process almost driven me insane  )

But, there isn't the guarantee yet from me,  Venkatesh. V.  the absolute owner of shakeSpiker,
but the promise is there that you'd most certainly be assured of your great grasp & grip of the
English Vocabulary & Language.

    with shakeSpiker - your familiarity with the Words would be vastly endowed   
   FA M I L I A R I T Y      t h r o u g h   
   A N A L Y T I C S    F I R S T   
                                                    A N D E R S T A N D I N G    N E X T   

when the shake'E'spiker' arrives after a year or so :
the guarantee would be firm in place from my quarter.

with the shake'E'spiker' - everything from the cell to the celestial - stays firmly/sensibly in your mind & never slips from there.
                                                                                                                        eventually helping you to stay sovereign & not sorry.

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Many have said before & titled their books/works like 'the joy of' 'the easy way to' '30-days to - learning English Vocabulary, Language, etc etc.
it will no longer be, hencforth . but I can never say or subscribe to this blatant misconception or possibly lie   ( am not accusative here though )
those epithets aren't there with/in English Vocabulary. On the other hand, you must work sensibly  
( with an otherwise insensible language )  all through your life.

And there isn't American English, British English, Indian English, Spoken English, Written English, Boardroom English, Bathroom English etc etc.
There can just be one English only, the plain
 English' all in its Original. Only the Original ought to prevail, any day & for the conscientious comfort.

with shakeSpiker, the massive task of learning English is thus made methodical, meticulous, meaningful & musical.
subscribe & surf, it takes only a pittance, ONE British Pound only ( & its equivalent in other currencies ), for a full week of access - & find the Truth/Evidence for yourself.

                   shakeSpiker   :    the one & only of its kind on this face of the earth.  
                                                    and polar apart from the others / the competition.   

      and literally impossible for the competition to come anywhere nearby,  let alone catch up with., in the eon(s) to come.   
                                                                                                                 P e r i o d .